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ClassJazz Independent

Studio & Record's

ClassJazz Independent Studio & Records

Our values ​​are based on the fact that the needs of our customers are extremely important.

Our entire team is dedicated to meeting these needs.

As a result, a high percentage of our business comes from repeat customers.


- Produces, Mixes and Masters in own Studio.

- Publishes recordings, as distributors, from your own studio and your own "takes".

- Emphasis is placed on "one-take" recordings as it is intensity, inspiration and

immediate enthusiasm we put in the front, but we also have the opportunities

to record "polished" takes with recording from several "boxes"

Prices:  according to agreement

Studio: according to agreement

Distribution: According to applicable tariffs with hourly consumption surcharges.

Location: Vordingborg

Opening hours: Always open

Artists Affiliated With The Record Company

Erik Lunde Michaelsen

Erik Lunde Michaelsen is an established and highly respected electronical musician in the Danish Jazz environment, he has entertained several years on the Jazzscene, both performing and publishing.

Erik Lunde Michaelsen's Album "Den Grønne Sofa", was released  Marts 2023, a Erik Lunde Michaelsen solo album who gives high credits to his trumpet.

On the link below you can choose your favorite streaming service for playing and / or buying the Album.


ClassJazz Duo, Trio, Quartet. . . . . .

ClassJazz, Berit & Peter, have been in the "Jazz industry" for many years, touring domestically as well as abroad with their own musicians and with several "names" within the Jazz environment, they are both studio, live and publishing musicians in many different constellations.

As a Duo, ClassJazz, Berit & Peter,

Dec. 2022, have released the EP "Pas De Deux",  a thoroughly delicious release focusing on the simple and beautiful.

Reasend releases:

2023 a single called Fragile, feat. Jesper Horsmark on EWI,

2023 EP SimplicitY, Duo Album

On the link below you can choose your favorite streaming service for playing and / or buying the EP.

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